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The 10 Cedis or Less  is the local division of Variety Centre, the shop is located in Madina, Accra. In our local shop we uphold the same European standards that our service provides, at 10ghs or less. All the products we sell are not priced higher then 10ghs. In order to offer quality goods and still be able to offer good pricing the Variety Centre team has carefully selected items that we believe are everyday essentials at good prices.


You can locate our store close to Madina taxi rank opposite the yellow/orange Ashfoam building. Please contact us directly on +233 (0) 263 708 000  if you need any further directions.


We also offer a delivery service for our Accra online customers. The products can also be purchased online paid for and delivered at your doorstep. Customers outside Accra that would still want to purchase from us can contact us directly by phone +233 (0) 263 708 000 or email For the process for orders from our local division see HOW TO SHOP 


The minimum order for delivery is 100ghs with a flat rate of 10 GH¢s and 7.50 GH¢ for orders over 250 GH¢ and 5.00 GH¢ for orders over 500GH¢.


Latest Products

Top ten Products

Nescafe Cappuccino Decaff Unsweetened

Sales price: 2.26 GH¢
Sales price without tax: 2.26 GH¢

Colmans Hot Chili Tequila Sauce

Sales price: 1.00 GH¢
Sales price without tax: 1.00 GH¢

Kellogs Ricicles

Sales price: 3.14 GH¢
Sales price without tax: 3.14 GH¢

Kellogs Froot Loops

Sales price: 2.78 GH¢
Sales price without tax: 2.78 GH¢

Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Sales price: 2.00 GH¢
Sales price without tax: 2.00 GH¢

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Variety Centre is a Ghanaian online shopping portal. Our website offers the choice of shopping direct from UK supermarkets as well as Albert Heijn supermarket in the Netherlands, where you will find a wide stock of food items and non-food items.

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